How To Stay Focused When You Feel Like Giving Up!

We all have been there before. You have a project, goal, or something you need to accomplish. At first, you are all “Yes, I can do this.” You’re ready to go and take on the world in your heels and glossed lips. Then weeks or months later you feel drained, unmotivated, ready to give up. Throw the heels off and pull the covers over your head, bonnet and all! Curtains closed it’s a wrap!

Write your goals down- Keep track of them in a goal journal. It’s one thing to have goals in your head, but putting them on paper makes them visible. It brings them to life. You can see them, read them, and speak some life into them.


Check your circle- When you were a child, you may have heard an adult say to you “Watch the company you keep.” This is so true. Think about who you are spending a lot of time with. Have you been spending time around people that are unmotivated? The problem is people like that will not push you to be greater. They are just fine not elevating and progressing, so why would they want you to? You want people in your circle that desire to see you succeed and be your best self. People that you can learn from and encourage you to grow.

Finally, Keep him first- God will lead and guide you to the plans he has for your life. Meditate, read his word, pray. He will truly direct your path. Seek him first in all you do for we are nothing without him.

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