Is Your Emotional Suitcase Full?

There are so many that carry baggage from past relationships. Instead of allowing themselves to heal they simply just transfer the dysfunction and damage to a new relationship. New relationship same old drama, turmoil, and foolishness. Is your emotional suitcase full? If the answer is yes, then Queen it’s time to unpack it.

Maybe you carry the baggage of all the times they said I love you but never meant it. Maybe you carry the baggage from the ways your trust was betrayed. At some point, you have to allow yourself to heal from broken relationships. Not allowing so can be harmful and continue a damaging cycle.


In order to truly move on, you must let go of the baggage. There is a difference between learning from past heartbreaks and avoiding the same mistakes versus allowing them to make you bitter. You can’t blame the next man or woman for the previous person’s games. You could be pushing a good one away all because you are stuck on what the bad ones did.

Sometimes being alone may be best before getting into a new relationship. It allows time to get your mind right and do some soul searching. It can open up your eyes to the pieces of baggage that need to be left behind. So when you are ready to allow love in your life, you can move forward with a lighter load.

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