Whitney Elise Seabrook Featured Queens/Businesses 

Interview with Whitney Elise (Owner of Whitney Elise Beauty)

Whitney Elise-Photo Credit: Denise Benson-Denisebensonphotography.com Introducing this month’s featured Queen, yours in beauty Whitney Elise. She is a bridal makeup artist and licensed Esthetician in North Carolina. As a child, Whitney knew the beauty industry was in her future. As the owner of Whitney Elise Beauty in Charlotte, she uses her passion and expertise to help make her brides look as beautiful as they feel on their special day.

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Motivation and Other Queendom Things 

Unpacking The Emotional Baggage

Have you ever stayed in a relationship that you knew you should have let go of a long time ago? Instead of putting a fork in it and calling it done, you stayed knowing that it was toxic? Then when it finally ended, instead of taking the time to heal you brought along all that emotional hurt and frustration with you.

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