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When God Says No!

Have you ever prayed for something that you wanted over and over again? Maybe it was a prayer to get back with an ex, a prayer to relocate, or to get that position you interviewed for. You pray, ask others to pray, pray some more, and then the answer comes…..No!

Don’t get me wrong, God does answer prayer. I have seen him answer plenty of prayers in my life. I am a witness. However, there are some things I prayed for and the answer was simply no.

Sorry, but no!

There was a time when I prayed for a relationship to work out that didn’t. He was a nice guy, but I knew deep down he wasn’t the one. He didn’t have a relationship with God and wasn’t trying to. Here I was calling myself a Christian, and trying to hold on to a relationship with a man who had no desire to even step foot in the church. I wanted it to work out because he was a nice guy, smart, and kind. However, I knew that I wanted a man that had a relationship with God. That was something he and I never agreed on. He wasn’t budging on that, but I was still praying for it to work. God said no, let it go! I was still holding on. I didn’t want to be single and alone. The answer was simply no.

Sorry, but no!

I applied and interviewed for a position at a company I had been working at for about three years. The opportunity opened up and it didn’t come around often for this type of position at the company, so I wanted to take it. I was tired of my current role and felt like it was time to move on to something better and show I was capable of doing more. I was ready for this interview. I didn’t go into my closet to get something to wear. Nope, I took it a step further. I went shopping and got myself a new outfit. It was also an excuse for me to just go shopping! I was ready to go in there and get this position. I wanted it and felt it was for me. I was nervous. I prayed and prayed as I waited to hear if I would be offered the position. About a week later I heard back, and the answer was simply no.

These are just a few examples, but trust me there have been other no’s. In these examples and ones that I didn’t mention, one main lesson stands out. I learned that around the corner, there was something better than what I was asking for even though at the time I didn’t see it.

If I would have held on to that man, I would not have met my loving awesome husband. A man who everyday works on his relationship with God. A man who prays not only for me but also with me. A man who goes to church and is active in the church. If I would have been offered that position, I would have missed the other position that I was later offered at that company which was a lot more fun and enjoyable. Plus, that other position was stressful for the person to that it was offered to. I would walk past her and just see the frustration on her face and say to myself, thank God I didn’t get that.

God’s No can be a big blessing in the long run because he knows the future. He knows when something isn’t for us even though we may think differently. It’s also a reminder that he has a plan for our lives. He always has our best interest in mind even if that means temporary disappointment in order to bring about a better outcome in the future.

Keep your head up! That no today means a better yes is coming.

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  1. What a reassuring message! Good luck on your new blog. And thank you.

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