We All Sin and Fall Short

Have you ever woken up the next morning regretting what you did the night before? The sin that you struggle with but thought you could no longer be tempted by came knocking at the door. Then you opened it and let it right in! Don’t worry Queen, you are not alone. This thing called doing right is not always easy.

Everyone has a sin/s that they struggle with.

Don’t let people fool you. No matter how saved and sanctified they appear to be, we all sin. Some struggle with lust and sexual desires. While others may struggle with alcohol, gambling, or some other habit. Sometimes we may think we are over something and can handle it, until it’s put in front of us. Then we realize that old sin isn’t really gone. The struggle is still there. So we fall into temptation. The moment may feel great, but afterward, the guilt kicks in. Why did I have those drinks? Why did I sleep with that man that doesn’t deserve me? Why did I let those old habits come back? The guilt doesn’t feel good at all!

The important thing after you sin is to ask for forgiveness. God doesn’t hate you! He hates sin but doesn’t hate you as his child. He understands you better than you understand yourself. He knows what you struggle with and the battles you face. After you ask God for forgiveness also forgive yourself. You do not have to beat yourself up like you are the most horrible human on the planet. The same sin you are struggling with, someone else is having that same struggle.

We all sin and come short of the glory of God! The only person who walked this earth with no sin was Jesus. As long as we are humans and in this flesh, we will sin. It’s bound to happen. We are imperfect people who from time to time will do imperfect things. This Christian life is not easy. There are rules to this. God’s word calls for us to be obedient. Obedience may sound simple, but being human makes it tough. The good news is that God forgives and we can repent. Falling into sin doesn’t mean you have to continue to live in it. You have the choice to get back up after you have fallen down.

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