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Interview with Whitney Elise (Owner of Whitney Elise Beauty)

Whitney Elise-Photo Credit: Denise Benson-Denisebensonphotography.com

Introducing this month’s featured Queen, yours in beauty Whitney Elise. She is a bridal makeup artist and licensed Esthetician in North Carolina. As a child, Whitney knew the beauty industry was in her future. As the owner of Whitney Elise Beauty in Charlotte, she uses her passion and expertise to help make her brides look as beautiful as they feel on their special day.

When did you discover your passion for makeup and the beauty industry? 

As a young girl, I watched my Grandmother do hair in her salon from sun up to sun down. It was so inspiring to witness the change of confidence of the women who sat in her chair and to see my grandma make women feel beautiful! I loved seeing the transformation, but the best part for me was when she spun them around to reveal their final look in the mirror. The expression on their faces was priceless to me, and I wanted to make women feel that same exact way one day.

What have been some challenges you experienced as a black female business owner?

Setting boundaries, in the beginning, was huge for me! I wanted to make sure although I love my clients and we have a fun time together this is still a business and they must treat it as such. For example, I don’t operate my business in DM’s or text messages. I politely direct everyone to my email or my website. This was a major game changer for me, because not only keeps me sane in having all business-related things in one system but it also sets the standards for how people treat me. 

What inspires and encourages you to strive for success? 

My two daughters inspire me! I think about them and my legacy at that alone motivates me on another level! God encourages me, I know the work I do was His calling, so even on those days when I’m tired or don’t feel like doing anything. He always reminds me that I was predestined for this! 

Advice for black women who want to start a business or go after a dream, but are afraid to do so:

If your dreams don’t scare you, then they ain’t BIG enough! Push through the fear and make yourself proud. There is no better feeling on this earth than setting out to fulfilling your purpose and doing what you were called to do. So with that being said, you dare not let fear hinder you from this rewarding feeling!

What do you see in the future for Whitney Elise Beauty?  

Scaling my business! I have been very comfortable in my little bubble working alone ( It’s the introvert in me!) But this past year God has definitely told me “It’s time Whitney” so I can’t argue with the Big Man upstairs and I’m truly excited to see what He has planned up his sleeves for me in 2023! 

To learn more Whitney Elise Beauty visit here.

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