Remind Yourself Who You Are

As a woman, I must admit that I struggle with insecurities and do not always feel the best about myself. I especially dealt with this when I was a preteen. It was such an awkward time. I think most can probably relate to that. I hated that I grew so fast and was taller than most of the other girls at school. I hated that I was shy and never confident in myself. Even now as an adult, sometimes those insecurities I dealt with when I was younger, still exist. That insecurity and low self-esteem find ways to creep back in.

The more I grow in my faith, hear sermons, and read God’s word, I remind myself it is part of the devil’s tricks to keep me feeling bad about myself. He wants me to feel bad, insecure, in despair, and discouraged. Sometimes I have to remind myself, who I am.

I am a child of the most high. There is none higher or greater than him. I am created in HIS image. What a blessing to be created in the image of God. That alone should make me feel special. I am victorious because through Jesus all battles have been won. Jesus had already defeated the enemy. That should be enough for me to remove that self-doubt, insecurity, and low self-esteem. That should be more than enough for me to hold my head up and think like a winner.

In those moments when you are feeling down and in despair remember that you belong to a God who loves you more than anything. Through him, you are a conqueror. Through him, you are victorious and a winner.

Arlesia Cummings
Arlesia Cummings

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