Goals and A New Year…How To Stay Focused On Your Goals For 2023

You have a goal that you want to accomplish. At first, you are motivated and ready to take on the world. Then weeks or months later you feel drained, unmotivated and ready to give up. You are ready to pull the covers over your head, throw on your bonnet and call it a day. Close the curtains it’s a wrap!

Achieving goals is not always easy. This thing called life can get in the way and sometimes what you set out to accomplish in one year ends up taking two or three instead. We all have been there before. It’s easy to get off track and find yourself needing some motivation to keep pushing. One of the great things about a new year is that it offers a fresh start. What you didn’t accomplish in 2022 there is still hope. Here are some tips to stay focused on your goals in 2023.

Write your goals down- A goal journal can be very useful. It’s one thing to have goals in your head, but putting them on paper makes them visible. You can read and speak life into them. The journal can be used to separate the long term goals from the short term goals. It can help to stay organized and keep track of progress.

Practice Time Management- Be realistic about the time frame of your goals. Some things are going to take a lot longer than others so don’t try to tackle too much at once. Striving for one goal at a time can help you be more clear and set expectations that are achievable. Think about what should come first and prioritize accordingly. Then carve out some that allows you to focus.

Check your circle- When you were a child, you may have heard an adult say to you “Watch the company you keep.” This is so true. Think about who you are spending a lot of time with. Have you been spending time around people that are unmotivated, negative, and stagnant? The problem is people like that will not push you to be greater. They are just fine not elevating and progressing, so why would they want you to? You want people in your circle that desire to see you succeed and be your best self. People that you can learn from and encourage you to grow.

Finally, Keep HIM first- God will lead and guide you to the plans he has for your life. Meditate, read his word, pray. He will truly direct your path. Seek him first in all you do.

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