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Do you ever have one of those nights where you want date night but at the same time don’t feel like going out? The thought of driving through downtown and trying to find a parking space adds to that feeling. As well as waiting forever for a table to open up at the restaurant even after making reservations. You want to spend some quality time with your mate but prefer to stay comfy and indoors. Below are some ideas for a cozy date night in.

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Paint night party- You don’t have to be Picasso or Leonardo to participate. Stores such as Michael’s and plenty others, sell blank art canvasses as well as different types of paints and colors to choose from to create your own masterpiece. Make some good finger foods and appetizers. Play some good old school music. Paint, eat, and enjoy each other’s art work regardless of how good or bad it may look.

Get in the kitchen- Cooking together can be very romantic even with all the dirty pots and pans in the end. It’s a great way to spend some quality time. What’s on the menu? Make each other’s favorite childhood dinner and dessert to switch things up. Dress up as if you are dining out, set the table, and enjoy!

Travel to another state or country without leaving your house- One of my favorite things to do is watch tours of cities on YouTube. This is one of my favorites travel channels and the videos are great. The videos make you feel as if you are actually walking around in that city. When I’m relaxing in bed watching with my husband I ask him after the video ends “Where do you want to go next?” This trip usually includes snacks and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Game Night- This is fun because there are plenty of games to choose from. Board games, cards, online. Whatever you are in the mood for. I played a fun game one evening with my husband that we brought from Target called Two Some- A Two player Conversation Starter Game, to ask questions to see which person knows the other better. I think I won that one, but he might think otherwise.

Staying inside for date night can be just as fun going out and is a great way to bond. It’s also a good way to save some coins. All that matters is you are putting in the effort to spend some quality time together and enjoy one another’s company.

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