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Black Beauty Brands Available at Ulta, Target and Sephora

Many black women will probably agree that finding make up to match our skin tone and products that are good for our various hair types can be a challenge. A lot of beauty products do not cater to our specific needs and going to the store in search of the right one can be more like finding a needle in a haystack. Thankfully, in recent years, more black beauty brands have been created. Making it just a little easier to find products that are a good fit. Retailers such as…

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Tiny House Living with Farrah Albertie

Farrah Albertie-Photo credit: Berlanda Valliere http://IG @beecaptured and beecapturedphotography.com In recent years, tiny homes have gained popularity in the housing market. According to Rubyhome.com, there are about ten thousand tiny homes in the U.S. with an average price of $52,000 and average size of 225 square feet. With the number of purchases increasing, Black women are joining the movement and becoming tiny home owners. Farrah Albertie shares her experience and some great tips if you are interested in your own tiny home. What made you decide to purchase a tiny…

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