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Going Natural: 5 Things To Consider

Are you thinking of transitioning to natural hair? If you are convinced that it is time to join the natural hair movement, there are a few things that you should consider before taking those next steps. There are millions of opinions about how to transition to natural hair; however, today, we’re going to focus on five things you should consider before going natural.

To Chop or Not to Chop… Your first consideration will be whether you will brave your natural hair transition with or without the Big Chop. How do you feel about short hair? Are you ready to brave the management of two or three different textures on your head for the next 9 to 12 months should you decide to not rock the short locks? You should know that there is no right or wrong answer to these questions.

Get Your Transition Styles Ready… The hairstyle you are rocking today may not be the ‘do’ that your hair allows you to choose while going natural three months from now –unless you are currently wearing a wig or a full-headed sew-in hair weave. For those of you rocking with your natural length and volume, you will want to start identifying transitioning to natural hairstyles on Instagram or Pinterest.

Protective Styles Anyone? Speaking of wigs and weaves, during the transition phase, you should consider styles that will minimize the frequency in which you are manipulating your hair. Day-to-day styling habits during the transition process can trigger breakage. Wigs, weaves, braids, and twists are all viable options for sheltering your precious locks.

Step Away from the Heat…During the initial stages of going natural, you will want to consider not using any heat on your hair. Heat changes the overall structure of your hair, and if you are not careful, you can even breakdown those precious kinks and coils with excessive heat application.

Do Not Be Afraid of Trial and Error…Transition to natural hair will require trial and error in hairstyles and hair products. Some of your hair products will be homemade, and other products will be off the shelf. No matter your approach, do not fear the unknown. Trial and error are going to be essential to your natural hair journey. Embrace it and learn all that you can about how your hair responds to these products.

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