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Being Single Is Better Than a Toxic Relationship

If you are a single Black woman then you understand the challenges of dating. In other words, it ain’t easy out there! It seems morals are becoming a thing of the past and finding someone genuine, God-fearing, and what we call a “good man” is no easy task. Almost every person on the planet wants and desires to be loved by that special one. When that desire to find love causes you to lower your standards and settle, Pandora’s box is being opened and it can be hard to close that thing back.

There are plenty of women that stay in unhealthy relationships that cause a lot of drama and pain. In our culture too often “struggle love” and being a “ride or die chick” is promoted, and a lot of Black women feel compelled to remain in unhealthy situations. They stay and deal with repeated cheating, lies, and disrespect that chip away at their self-esteem. All for the sake of being loyal and keeping that man. They settle and open the door for the wrong one into their lives because, to some, any man is better than no man at all. This mindset has kept a lot of women in relationships and so-called “situationships” that are damaging and cause emotional wounds.

We as women can tend to fall in love with words rather than reality. Although his words may sound nice and he’s saying what you want to hear, his actions show how he feels about you. When a person’s mouth says they love someone but the actions are always contradicting, the truth is in the pudding. A man who is constantly bringing hurt and pain into your life is not healthy for you mentally or spiritually. It’s unfortunate that a lot of women have convinced themselves they are not deserving of better.

There is an African proverb that says “Patience can cook a stone.” In other words, some things require time. Rushing to love because you are tired of being single, instead of waiting on God’s best, can lead to unnecessary heartbreak. As a queen, you need a king by your side. If you settle for a man who treats you as everything less than, how can you walk in your Queendom?

Love yourself enough to know that you don’t have to settle for hurt, pain, and disrespect. Being single is so much better than being in a toxic relationship where true love never existed in the first place. If you are busy holding on to the wrong man, how will you be open to receiving the right one? Remember as God’s child, he wants his best for you. He will bless you with the love he has for you, in his timing.

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