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Do You Have a Hard Time Letting Go of Past Mistakes and Regrets?

Do you ever wish that you could take a big magic eraser and remove some of the choices you have made in life? The eraser would remove those bad decisions, mistakes, regrets and allow a redo. Unfortunately, those types of erasers do not exist. If they did they would fly off the shelves and never be in stock because someone would always be looking for one. They would also probably never go on sale. Although we cannot go back to the past physically, a lot of times we can allow…

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Positively Speaking About You! Why You Should Add Affirmations To Your Daily Routine

Self-confidence and self-love are important for personal growth. There is power in words and what you speak over your life. The impact of our words are too often underestimated. You have the choice to use your words to build yourself up or tear yourself down. When you speak positively it can help to overcome negative thoughts and beliefs. Instead of relying on external validation, having a positive mindset and speaking affirmatively, can empower you to look within for the encouragement you need. Join the Queendom! Subscribe below to receive new…

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