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Ways To Practice Self-Care

We live in a society, an extremely Capitalist one at that, where self-care is not priortiized. We are taught to run oursvelves into the ground. We are taught that burn out is normal and to keep going and going . This leaves little time to take care of our wellbeing causing so much unhealthy stress and unhappiness. If you are ready to let go of that mindset and embrace that taking care of yourself is necessary, here are a few tips on ways to practice self-care.

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They That Are Whole Need Not a Physician; but They That Are Sick!

Oftentimes, people feel they have to be clean before giving their life to Christ. All the junk in their life has to be thrown out. They need time to get themselves together and overcome shortcomings. The drinking habit has to be gone. The struggle with lust or addiction has to be gone. In their minds, they can’t come to Christ dirty so they put off coming to him because of not feeling presentable. However, this thinking is far from the truth.

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When You Remember Who God Is

As a woman, I must confess that I have my insecurities and occasionally experience self-doubt. I especially dealt with this during my preadolescent years, and many of you probably can relate. It was an awkward time. I hated that I grew so fast, surpassing not only the other girls but also most of the boys in my school. My shyness and lack of self-assurance magnified the insecurities. Even in adulthood, traces of these former insecurities can be found, occasionally showing up again to undermine my confidence.

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Interview with Taylor Calamese, Founder of Charlotte Fit

Photo credit: Darius Evans DME Imagery  With two locations in Charlotte, North Carolina, Charlotte FIT is a fitness company catering to the individual who desires a customized workout routine and an intimate environment. The services include personal training, group fitness, meal prep, and nutrition coaching. Overcoming her own battle with food, Founder Taylor Calamese combined her personal experience, knowledge, and passion to help others reach their individual health goals.

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