woman in sweater wearing eyeglasses Motivation and Other Queendom Things 

Does Social Media Have You In a State of Comparison?

In today’s society, it has become very easy to stay updated on the lives of others. This is particularly true in the world of social media. With a simple click, we are instantly connected, bringing both positive and negative implications. Social media platforms serve as effective tools for raising awareness about social issues, current events, building businesses and growing brands just to name a few. As well as giving people the opportunity to connect. However, this instant access to the lives of those we know and complete strangers can be…

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Motivation and Other Queendom Things 

Scriptures On God’s Protection

It’s Monday morning! Either you keep hitting the snooze button with your bonnet still on while pulling the covers over your head or ready to take on the day. Either way, here’s some inspiration and divine motivation as you start a new week. The Bible is filled with scriptures that encourage, uplift, and relate to whatever challenges you may be facing. Here are some scriptures to remind you of God’s protection.

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