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Are You Being Limited By Fear?

It is a natural human emotion to be fearful. Everyone at some point in their life, has experienced being afraid of something. Abolitionist and Activist Harriet Tubman, was more than likely fearful when she embarked on the journey to lead slaves to freedom. Minister and Civil Rights Activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. probably experienced plenty of fearful moments when marching for equality and justice. They were ordinary people just like us, but when they overcame their fear and kept their faith, they were able to move mountains and achieve extraordinary things.

What great things would you try to accomplish in your life if you were not afraid? Would you go after a dream that fell by the wayside? Would you repair a damaged relationship with a loved one? Would you try a new hobby or travel to a destination that’s on your bucket list? The problem isn’t being fearful. It’s when we live in fear that it can be a problem. Too often, fear can be a barrier. It can stop us right in our tracks from reaching a much greater destination. It can be limiting and restricting. Have you allowed it to interfere with your progress?

Think of the goals and dreams you never attempted to achieve after all being afraid. Perhaps it manifests as a fear of inadequacy, a fear of failure, or a fear that you lack the capability to achieve the great potential that awaits you by the grace of God. If fear has such a firm grip on your life, it may be time to no longer give it so much power.

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