portrait of beautiful woman with makeup and golden earrings Motivation and Other Queendom Things 

Positively Speaking About You! Why You Should Add Affirmations To Your Daily Routine

Self-confidence and self-love are important for personal growth. There is power in words and what you speak over your life. The impact of our words are too often underestimated. You have the choice to use your words to build yourself up or tear yourself down. When you speak positively it can help to overcome negative thoughts and beliefs. Instead of relying on external validation, having a positive mindset and speaking affirmatively, can empower you to look within for the encouragement you need. Join the Queendom! Subscribe below to receive new…

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Motivation and Other Queendom Things 

What’s On Your Mind?

We are told that the mind is the intellect. The mind is where we feel. It is where we think. The mind is where we make our decisions. The mind is a powerful thing. Whether we allow our thinking to be positive or negative, the truth is that there is power in it. That’s why it’s important for us as women of God to fill our minds with what is positive. Yes, that can be very tough to do especially in this hot mess of a world, but we still…

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