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Stop Snoozing Time To Pray

Do you drag out of bed in the morning? When you hear the alarm go off do you set it to snooze and pull the covers and your bonnet back over your head? When you finally get out of bed, you are rushing to get your breakfast, get dressed, the kids to school, walk the […]

The Woman With the issue of Blood

The bible mentions in Matthew, Mark, and Luke about a woman with an issue of blood. Not much of a backstory is given about her, but what is mentioned is that she suffered from all illness for twelve years . Even though her story in the bible is brief, it has touched the hearts of […]

How To Forgive You For The Past!

We all have made mistakes and bad choices. Regret is something else, isn’t it? The good news is that you don’t have to stay all the way back there with the past.

What’s On Your Mind?

We are told that the mind is the intellect. The mind is where we feel. It is where we think. The mind is where we make our decisions. The mind is a powerful thing. Whether we allow our thinking to be positive or negative, the truth is that there is power in it. That’s why […]


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